Corporate Culture of Philanthropy


A strong corporate culture includes focused charitable giving. Engaging employees in your culture of philanthropy is proven to enhance employee engagement and improve employee retention. Too often companies use a shot gun approach to their charitable giving. The Wolford Group will help you develop a strategy and create a plan to invest your philanthropic dollars and help you identify your charitable giving guidelines.

Services Include:

  • Visioning Session with key employees
  • Case studies of other companies with a successful corporate culture of philanthropy
  • Budgeting Charitable Giving
  • Developing Charitable Giving Guidelines
  • Developing the application and distribution processes
  • Employee Engagement/Volunteer opportunities
  • Matching with partner nonprofits based on company size and goals
  • Develop an annual philanthropy plan consistent with the company‚Äôs business strategy
  • Assess the outcomes of nonprofit partnerships
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